USA – Everything to Lose

USA – Everything to Lose

The brain-drain is reversing and reversing fast. Once, the best most educated professionals were drawn like a magnet to the USA. Now, increasingly, the US is standing on the dark side of the mirror.

The quality of the US's higher education system has historically been a powerful magnet,We have been that sucking sound that has attracted the best and the brightest from around the world. - Dr Irwin feller

What is the big sucking sound? 80 Billion USD more for war in Afghanistan. 80 With a B. How much education would that 80,000 Million USD have bought at home?

OK, why? What is the future? Can money buy a better future? Is war a better investment than the education of future US citizens? What can US planners be thinking? Or are they thinking?

For the USA, fever since World War II, higher education has been the world’s best, the global gold standard. What has changed? Increasing foreign competition, rising tuition costs, government cutbacks, flagging graduation rates, and, many say, a decline in quality of US education being.

That’s why US dominance in academic and research power is weakening fast. The one certain fact is this, the US is falling behind.

Behind how? In weapons development? No. In knowledge.

students in a computer lab

The story of one professor is typical— his position in the English department (at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.), was over. he was looking to take the next step in his professorial journey.

Out of all his applications, including many across the USA, the two positives surprised him: “I got both jobs in Asia: one in Hong Kong and one in Singapore.”

Every year a growing number of top-notch American academics move off-shore. They leave the USA to teach abroad (at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and other institutions in Asia and the Middle East).

Asian universities are soaring in global university rankings. Many experts now privately doubt the future of American higher education.

The US must re-focus on higher education reform. Its long-accepted technological and scientific edge is no longer a sure thing, at best.

Listen up, USA, please! Across the board, the stats are clear. In higher education, the global shift is away from the USA. We are witnessing the fall of the US in a global marketplace that increasingly prizes knowledge.

Education rules! World dominion by force— even if successful or not followed swiftly by resentment and outright hatred— is not going to achieve the results of economic competition through education.

Educate, educate, educate!

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