Secondary School Intellectuals, Future Leaders

Secondary School Intellectuals, Future Leaders

Secondary school students, you are entering a time of historic opportunity. And responsibility. Why? Because of a rising global tide of anti-intellectualism.

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. ---Albert Einstein

What does anti-intellectualism mean? Intellectualism is a function of being educated and informed. Moreover, it means the ability to think for yourself.

Intellectuals have developed their minds— their thoughts and opinions derive from their own thought processes.

This is why they are feared. They know how to think for themselves.

How could intellect be hated, be feared by anyone, you ask? Excellent question. Why is there this increasing popular anti-intellectualism?

The answer is simple and sad and brutal. Because more and more ill-informed and poorly-educated people now get their views and opinions, simplistic notions, like fast-food ideas, from talk show personalities.

People are being taught to fear and distrust anyone who thinks for themselves. And this is a terrible trap. A trap set for you, students, yes, for YOU.


(((So, tragically, the unfortunately poorly-educated, including many many very fine people, look at the world around them and despair, because they can’t and don’t try to think for themselves. They have not absorbed the data and thinking skills to inform themselves. And they are deeply confused. So they must accept the ideas of others. Certain media companies specialize in exploiting their ignorance. This rising mass of anti-intellectuals turn on their TV or radio and are programmed by what they hear from others. It is a sad fact that these millions of poorly-educated people are spoon-fed rants and simplistic conspiracy theories— especially, that the “Elite” are responsible for all the wrongs and mistakes of society, etc ad nauseum. Lack of education is a form of virtual slavery or the worst kind— intellectual slavery.)))

But in every trap is an opportunity.

Graduate holding a diploma looking to the sky

So how is this anti-intellectualism relevant to YOUR intellectual future? How is this huge increase in anti-intellectualism a historic opportunity, for you secondary school students?

Because— YOU can acquire the tools of thought and reason and logic, and the knowledge base to go with it. Armed with those intellectual tools, you will think for yourself. And the ability to think for yourself will protect you from false ideas. And open you to many new options.

Education will open many doors of opportunity for you—because your education will equip you to climb the ladders of career and of further intellectual heights. Education will carry you into the ranks of managers, leaders, thinkers— the intellecuals who command our world.

How do you seize this opportunity? Is it achievable by going to college? That is partly the answer.

The truth is this— you need to maximize your opportunity every way possible.

Start NOW!

Are you a 9th-grader, 10th-grader, 11th-grader? The sooner you start building your intellectual future, the greater your future advantage.

Start by writing your life plan. What do you want your future to look like?

Make an “I will LEARN” list. Right now, write down what you will do, to achieve your dream of learning.

First, decide what you want to be. What is your goal?

To reach that goal, what subjects will you need to take? How much time will you invest in study?

What college do you want to attend? What college is best for the career path you wish to take?

A group of students studying in the library.

Use Google and your school library for researching schools. Spend time at the Websites— learn the entrance requirements and admissions criteria of the best schools for your personal path.

Be pro-active— phone and e-mail your choicest colleges for their brochures and admission information; make personal contacts if you can.

Think of every day in school as a battle between you and the rest of the world. You are competing with ever other student, for a place in the college you have chosen to one day enter, so don’t give into social distractions.

LEARN! Learning means, more than anything, learning to study. Build up your mind the way athletes build up their bodies.

The stronger your high school study skills, the more prepared you’ll be for a heavy intellectual college study load.

Learn to manage your time. Study comes first. When setting goals, study is your best chance of success.

Don’t avoid study time or delay, study is your best friend, taking you where you want to go.

Be a note-taker and a list-maker, and set your standards high, and keep track of how you are doing.

Be a good listener— you cannot learn while you are talking.

Aim high, and take challenging courses— prep-courses that prepare you for college. Stress yourself now, and reap huge rewards later. (Many colleges will admit you even with lower grades in college-prep courses, while they reject other applicants with higher grades in easier courses.)

Advanced Placement courses earn you college credits— do you best to achieve as much as you can, as soon as you can.

Can’t afford a good college? Use GRAD2B’s links and resources to find all the grants and scholarship and loan opportunities you need.

In your junior or senior year, take prep tests— train for the SAT® or the ACT® test. The PSAT/NMSQT® is your prep for the SAT. The PLAN® test preps you for the ACT. Use your scores to identify trouble areas, and study those areas hard, before you take the real SAT and/or the ACT.

Keep your face and your PRIVATE life OFF OF NETWORKING SITES. (Don’t put an ugly monkey on your back that will sit there leering at you in decades to come. Whatever you put on the web is there FOREVER!)

Never forget— you are in a race with the rest of the students, right across the board, globally, not just locally or nationally. In a world where anti-intellectualism is increasing, distinguish yourself with knowledge.

Explore all information sources. Train your mind to investigate. Never be limited by second-hand ideas fed you wholesale by the media.

Study hard, find the best college for your personal goals, and build your life beginning now.

Build your own personal database, learn to think for yourself.

Opportunities will come rushing your way, when you have become intellectually equipped to recognize them and to seize them.

Become an intellectual, your own “elite” self, with your own self-guidance control.

Your education is the one thing you can acquire that can never be taken from you.

Start building your mind, and your future, now! Your world, your future, is your responsibility.

Educate, educate, educate!

Join the intellectuals, the shapers and leaders of our world. Only with knowledge can you shape our world, only with education can you lead.

Begin NOW!

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