Our Mission


You and me, we’re all in this together.

The world keeps changing, societies evolve, economies change completely. Only education, if we take advantage of it, keeps us poised on the edge of that ever-shifting wave.

But work is required. Years of hard work. Self-discipline beings self-control. The fruit of those years of hard work is sweet. The acquired knowledge enables each of us to strive for control of our own future.

Education is learning. It’s all about control. The control of YOU.

High school is a beginning. No more, no less. A good high school prepares you for higher education. But no high school, not even the best, qualifies you for a lifetime of achievement and the salary that assures comfort and security. And high school certainly can’t provide the self-fulfillment of all the possible professional career choices you will find offered to you at the university level.

And then there are career changes. As economies shift, everyone has to adjust. Once a college degree is obtained in one field, it can be built upon, over and over again. Continuing education, both on site, and in distance learning, has evolved tremendously in recent years. So, college itself is also a beginning.

For the truly successful, education has become a life-long process. A means of personal control. For those who are committed to as much control as possible, over their own lives, education never really ends.

Of course, money is the broadest measure of control. People control each other with money. To get money, we sell control of ourselves to an employer. When we earn money, we gain control of our future. We can afford to make choices that would be unavailable to us, but first we must earn the money, to earn the control.

As our society and economy evolves, we must evolve with it. And we each have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to help shaper those changes… but only, only, if we have the knowledge to participate.

Will you command others or will they command you? It’s all about control. Control of your own life. Will you control your own life, or will strangers? That’s the choice each of us makes. If you won’t make the choice, it will be made for you, without any control on your part.

GRAD2B will be your guide into higher education. To help you find your own path, the way you can achieve goals that suit you best.

GRAD2B will provide a constant flow of new information, breaking education news, financial resources, study methods, anything and everything to help you succeed.

The ability to defer gratification is one clear definition of maturity. Learn now, sacrifice now, work now, and enjoy the rewards for the rest of your life.

GRAD2B is all about control, control of your future, through the acquisition of knowledge. Together, we can speed the achievement of your goals. Let’s build the kind of informed and ever-improving society that we all need. With the power of education, we can do it!

GRAD2B is dedicated to helping YOU, students everywhere, build a better world, and enjoy richer lives.