Millions of College Grads Upgrade the World’s Military

Millions of College Grads Upgrade the World’s Military

Who will have the smartest military on earth? Or at least the most educated?

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog- General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Reuters reports from Beijing that the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is cutting 700,000 foot-soldiers who have little education beyond high school.

130,000 university grads are being recruited to replace them. Its a military upgrade of historic proportions. Last June, the Chinese army completed a two-month pre-recruitment campaign for recent college graduates.

We have to wonder— will other nations attempt to match this astounding up-edu move by Beijing?

Maybe that’s not the right question. What other nation even could attract a small city of college grads into it’s military system? Probably no other country.

The global job crisis has definitely impacted China’s grads, and this military reshuffling will help alleviate at least that problem.

China’s army will recruit 130,000 graduates from Chinese universities and colleges this winter to raise the quality of the armed forces and help solve the job crisis facing graduates.

a row of Chinese military officers

Chinese sources last month told Reuters of a plan to cut the 2.3 million-strong People’s Liberation Army by 700,000, mainly lower-skilled foot soldiers, while adding better-educated recruits able to serve in a technologically sophisticated force.

Graduates who have signed up for military service will receive a one-off rebate of up to 24,000 yuan ($3,500) on college tuition fees or student loans, Xinhua said, citing the Ministry of Education.

“This means the state pays for university education of those servicemen,” Zhang Haoming, deputy director of the ministry’s department for college student affairs, was quoted as saying.

Recruits with higher education will have a greater chance of promotion or further study at military academies. After their two-year commitment, they will enjoy preference at jobs with police and other law enforcement departments, Xinhua said.

China’s army is still overwhelmingly made up of young men from the countryside with a high school education or less. Most college graduates prefer the higher salaries and greater opportunities of business or government jobs.

A Defense Ministry survey of more than 6 million college and university graduates in July found that about 1.44 million male graduates were interested in military service, Xinhua said.

In June, Beijing announced that a record number of recent college graduates are considering careers in the Chinese military, and officials are happy to oblige.

Applications in some areas have dramatically outnumbered those of previous years, but officials know that some will drop out of the military before November, the deadline for enrollment.

The Chinese government’s directive allows graduates to terminate contracts with the army if they find another job. We wonder if that will really happen. Once inside the military, great pressure might be brought to bear upon any highly-educated officer or enlisted man wishing to return to private life.

A soldier receiving a commendation.

Will worldwide unemployment push other countries to imitate the Chinese revolution in military recruiting?

Will graduates of higher education revolutionize the rank and file systems of the world military, as other nations may rush to catch up with the Chinese?

Bottom line for you— the military is upgrading worldwide.

Wherever you live, if you do decide to enlist, try, try your best to FIRST take AT LEAST a few college courses.

You will need them to compete for promotion in the ranks of an ever-upgrading military system. Or be left behind.

In the USA military system, if you already have a Bachelor degree, you can elect to go through an Officer Training Course— the fastest path to a commission.

Even to start off as an enlisted person, you can still receive a direct commission in most US military branches. But you’ll need at least a two-year degree,( and be at least a sergeant, though that can be waived). Your college degree is the fast track.

Think of it this way. Any modern military, worldwide, China or the USA or any other, is a huge corporate entity.

In no other profession will education be so important to life itself. A military career will enormously increase your need to know more, understand more, to have any chance to control your own destiny.

Your education will be so critical— to your chances in your career, and your very life, and the lives of those in your command.

Equip yourself with the educational tools you need to not only survive, but advance. Before enlisting, get that degree!

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