Larger Lives

Only you can change your life. Just as, only people can change the world around them. Governments make and enforce laws, but it is we, the people, who are the law, the life, the way of a society. What we do, how we live, is change itself.

Our level of education is the leverage, small or large, by which we make those changes. Our will is why is gets done.

quote_id74Our personal world can be small, or large. You and I create our own worlds, and we decide the scope, the depth, the reach of our lives. The key to all of that is knowledge. Through education, comes knowledge, then through living, and experience, utilizing the knowledge to our advantage.

But first comes the need for knowledge. For knowledge is power. Power to control your own life. Power to earn more, power to en joy more options, more freedom, more awareness, power to express yourself in a fuller more fruitful life.

There’s an old saying, “Money can’t solve your problems.” A friend of mine says, “Maybe money doesn’t solve all your problems, but money sire does solve all your money problems!”

To live the largest life possible, maximize your lifetime effort. Education is like a magnifying glass. Increasing your knowledge brings the whole world closer.

More money means more choice in how you spend your time. More money means more security. More money means— more choice. And choice is freedom!

Let’s take a quick look at someone about to graduate from high school. You’re 18, say. You’ve found this job paying more than minimum wage. You want to start your own life, you can’t wait. Going to college would hold you back. Okay, let’s say you take that fork in the road.

If you go to work right now, at $10 dollars an hour, way above minimum wage, at a job you’ve found, 40 hours a week, you’ll be making $20,000 per year. Wow! Sounds pretty good. And if you go to college, and don’t work part-time, you’re making zero. Four years of zero. Sounds bad. So, why go to college?

Because… you want the larger life. Because, you are looking ahead.

Because, after graduation, you’ll quickly make up for all those 4 years of earning that $10 an hour. You’ll catch up in the first year or two. Your income will keep rising lover the years, because you are educated, because companies must compete for your talent and knowledge. The high school grad, however, is locked in a low income trap.

Now, multiply by the number of years that a person typically earns income. See what I mean? The lifetime difference— between an earner without a college degree, and a professional with a college education— is on average counted in the many millions of dollars.

This government chart couldn’t be more clear—

Income vs Degree Level

Without higher education, you’re trapped in the minimum wage box. Instead of an educated person, climbing the salary ladder of a professional. Your work will be more gratifying. Your family will have more. Your children will enjoy advantages that boost them in life. And you will move on to hire others, manage others, instead of always being the one who is hired, managed, controlled. Because you made the education investment, in yourself.

Of course, the possession of wealth in itself doesn’t ensure joy of living. But it’s for sure that lack of wealth is a crushing weight on the life of anyone. Think ahead. Don’t settle for short-term goals. Building a life free of fear is a goal worth sacrifice. Educate yourself, educate your income, educate your future.

Learn, and control your life, with an increasing depth of knowledge. And live the larger life!

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