Knowledge and Survival

quote_id28The world is changing, changing, changing. The prized skill-sets so sought-after a decade ago, are replaced by fresh knowledge areas (so new they were hardly imagined before).

Where do you fit into the spinning roulette wheel of knowledge? Are you re-educating yourself to keep up, or even to catch a lead on the learning curve of life? Or are you just hanging onto what you already know, hoping to ride it out?

So, maybe you are smart. You’re smart but very impatient. Maybe your friends say, higher education is a waste of your time. You want to get out there and make money, buy things, have your own place. So you aren’t going to invest time and money into improving your chances in life, by going to college.

Or maybe you feel the opposite— you aren’t smart enough. You don’t have the brainpower to learn more. You feel too much doubt. You aren’t cut out for higher education. Maybe your friends and parents didn’t go past high school, so why should you attempt it? You’re defeating yourself, walking into a dead-end. Think ahead!

Think of your mind as a video game. At grade school level your mind is primitive, basic, like an ancient Nintendo. By high school, you’re learning to game, but you’re still about at the Game Boy level. In college, you open up X-Box mentality, and maybe Wii, and that’s only the beginning, the games keep evolving. That’s when real learning can begin. All the rest, the grade and high school classes, were just a warm-up. To quit now would be a crime against your own possibilities.

If you want to always be ruled by others, forget higher education, and be under the control of strangers the way that the virtual video heroes are controlled by you. They have no choices. You rule their world. Theirs is the fate of those who have no control over their own lives.

Removing your limits has no downside. Why accept barriers to a better future, a new life that you yourself can create? Your intelligence alone can only take you so far. Refine it, make it as powerful as you can, shape it and educate it, and let it shine.

When your education is limited, your vision is cut short. If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Education opens your mind to possibility. Your choices in life become greatly expanded. As you enlarge your knowledge, your personal power enlarges. You gain the insights needed to make choices that, without that knowledge, won’t ever be offered to you.
This recent US Government earnings chart, “Education Pays”, is brutally clear in it’s comparison of incomes and education…

A Comparison of Education and Incomes

A Comparison of Education and Incomes

Think of your children, when and if you have them. What influence will you have on them? Will you have the knowledge to teach them, to help them move forward in life, to inspire them, to buy them the things they need to achieve, to build them into the best people they can ever possibly be?

Each of our minds is like a safe in a bank. What will you store there? Will the life tools of economical and social survival be there when you so desperately need them? And you will.
Think of life as a time line. Time versus effort. Your time will pass, whether you improve your life or not. Where do you want to be in one year, two years, five years? You will be older, but will you be wiser? Wealthier? More secure? Or will you be just be older, still stuck with the insecurity of being whom you were, what you could do, in a narrowing economy, in a shrinking workplace?
Sit down and write a list. Be truthful.

Ask yourself this— “What time and effort am I willing to invest, what are my goals, how hard am I willing to try, to brighten my horizons with knowledge— to learn, to work toward an education-empowered future? And what is the alternative, if I am too shy, too insecure, to shape and create my future, to make it happen?”

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