Knowledge Becomes Money

Knowledge Becomes Money

The Philosopher’s Stone was the goal of all ancient alchemists. What on earth does this have to do with your new training, or your new degree?

The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.---Henry Ford

In centuries past, Alchemy was a pseudo-science— the ultimate dream of Alchemists was a fusing of metals that would, like King Midas’ touch, turn a base metal (like lead) into pure gold. That quest was to create the so-called Philosopher’s Stone.

Well, now that you almost have that degree, seniors, what are you planning to do with it? And what does this have to do with Medieval Alchemy?

So, you know that your knowledge is amazing. Your degree has equipped you well. You have so incredibly much to offer any company in your field.

Do you fantasize that one of the big companies will just grab you, no matter how you present yourself? (Because, your degree is more than enough. Right?)

WRONG!!!! Do you think that the degree will sell itself? Do you really believe you won’t have to market your skills, to make a potential employer want you?

No, you need to help your degree become your own personal Philosopher’s Stone. Your amazing skill sets and your degree, they just aren’t enough.

Bill Means, at Queens University of Charlotte’s Internships and Career Services Office, said recently, “Usually, the first senior who walks into my office at the beginning of the school year is the one who ends up with the first job offer. Senior year can be very busy with meetings, deadlines, graduation planning, academic advising, etc. However, seniors should get a career plan for post-graduation and work that plan.”

Means lists a number of strong tips, for graduating seniors in their job search.

Use a calendar and keep track of important networking events. List career fairs, campus interviews, standardized test dates for graduate school, application deadlines for jobs and/or graduate school.

Organize your job approach. Take charge of your time. Be determined.

Means urges his students to visit their career center, saying, “No one can guarantee you a job after graduation, but the career centers usually host events like career fairs and have access to many employers.”

Constantly update your resume. Be forceful in polishing your personal interviewing skills.

Expanding your job search brings great flexibility. Increase your opportunities, by willingness to move to another region or city.

Dress for success— male or female, you should invest in a business suit. Dark colors work to present you as a serious applicant. Get a new dark suit that fits well.

Bring a professional appearance to every interview. Never look hurried, messy, sloppy. Never wear flashy sexy outfits. Leave the bling and caps at home.

Rehearse your personal pitch. Your interview should be energetic but not desperate, enthusiastic but not frantic. Your talking points should be so well-prepared as to be seamless. Always present yourself as ready, willing, and able.

I know it’s only September, but the countdown is on for institute Grads-2-B, including college seniors.

You’ll be graduating into what we all hope will be an improving job market. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

But no matter what, the time to start your game plan is now. The time to build your contact list is now.

Your degree can be used as your own Philosopher’s Stone, by the magic Alchemy of how you present yourself… and how you conduct your job search.

Your knowledge isn’t money, your time isn’t money— until you make it so!

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