I-Pod MBA’s!

I-Pod MBA’s!

Got an I-Pod? Got an internet connection? No cash for a 2-year MBA?

Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere. --- ancient Chinese proverb

No more excuses for not getting that degree— higher education is in the palm of your hand. Where? Just look at your I-Pod.

College lectures, seminars and conferences are right there. CNN reports that hundreds of universities and Business schools have come to iTunes and YouTube.

University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Fuqua School of Business, Yale School of Management, and many other top schools are offering course study downloads.

Even a French business school (HEC Paris) launches class downloads on iTunes U soon. HEC’s podcasts have been running since 2006.

In March, YouTube EDU began hosting the YouTube channels— downloads from hundreds of universities, including 45 institutions in Europe and Israel.

Some of the Business schools participating include INSEAD, ESCP Europe, and University of California Haas School of Business.

Academic Earth hosts videos from Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Business content come from none other than Stanford University. MIT’s Open Course Ware site gives free access lecture notes, assignments and exams from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

The University of Oxford counts over one million downloads from its iTunes U site.

In less than 2 months, Stanford University has racked up over a million downloads of its course on creating iPhone applications.

iTunes U

On iTunes U, this week’s top business download is a University of Oxford lecture— “Entrepreneurship and the Ideal Business Plan.”

iTunes University (iTunes U), is right there in the iTunes online store.

Get it at home, in the park, at the coffee shop, in the gym, or in your cardboard box in an alley. Anywhere your I-Pod can hook up.

Check this out, from External iTunes U Site …

You also have the option of making your course material available to all iTunes visitors — alongside content created by Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, PBS stations, and some of the most creative K-12 state projects in the country.

External sites are also a great recruitment tool, offering an inexpensive way to explain the benefits your school has to offer. With an open iTunes U presence, your school will gain recognition — and a competitive edge — as you reach out and share your knowledge with the world.

Media should be in AAC, MP3, MPEG-4, or PDF format. As with internal sites, administrative access is controlled via Apple ID, and you can add more accounts to share site management responsibilities. Apple templates let you incorporate your own branding, and you can request browse/search integration to make it easier for visitors to find your content on iTunes and to extend the reach of the content you post.

External iTunes U sites are not just available to universities. Many museums, public broadcasting stations, and state education organizations also make education content available to the world through iTunes U in the iTunes Store.

This is so amazingly seamless, so interactive, I want to call it Web 3.0.

An I-Pod classroom, treasures of learning available to you wherever you go. What are you waiting for? Get your degree!

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