Imagine You

It happens to many people every day. Your house, your car, your laptop with all its personal files, all can vanish. You might lose everything through some disaster, through setbacks, through no fault of your own. But there is one thing, one very important thing, that can’t be taken. Your knowledge— it is the only treasure you will ever possess that can never be stolen, or lost. What an investment!

Indeed, an education is the only investment that enriches, even as it enables.

quote_id56How? Because the more you learn, the more you are able to learn, and the more you are able to learn, the more you become the person we all dream of becoming. Making your own decisions. Shaping your own destiny. Leading, instead of following. Learning to craft a life with deeper meaning, richer in every way.

You will lead, or be led. That is the unforgiving Darwinism of societal structure. It explains why so many suffer when the game changes, the rules change, the players change, and it goes faster, faster, faster, until many are thrown off and can’t find a way back on.

For some, there is comfort is giving up. Its easy, they feel, to accept who they are, to simply deal with their present level of education, and say, “I am who I am, I’m just me, and I’ll make the best of what I’ve got.”

That kind of thinking is a trap. A cruel dead end. You can see the end of the road, if you reject education, because you are at the end of the road. If you think you can’t improve yourself, you are giving up your greatest chance of creating your own life, and protecting the future of yourself and your loved ones.

Nothing is truer. Without the education necessary to compete, you’re like a mechanic who throws away his tools, or a hunter without a rifle. Abraham Lincoln said, ” Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.” That is what “working smart” means.

Ask yourself this— if you have a choice, why would you volunteer to limit yourself to the lowest-paid jobs, and never be secure in your ability to set your own course in life?

First, open your mind and invite the knowledge into your brain. Invest your time and energy into storing the tools you need to make life work for you, instead of life making you do whatever comes along. The most valuable and wonderful gift of education is this— no one can take it away from you!

The loss and the pain of unemployment is a frightening prospect that too many face today. The good times of the recent past increase the pain all the more, by comparison. Material prosperity, however, isn’t the only benefit of continuing education, or of highly-sought-after degrees.

The dream of the Good Life will always be possible for those who dare to back their dream with the work ethic required to study, to learn, to strive.

Remember, once you have chosen knowledge as an empowering life choice, it is yours forever. Even stripped naked, no matter where you are, no matter what happens in the world, you still own the most valuable asset of all— what you have stored inside your brain— your education!

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