How Far Can You Go?

So, you say, “A degree won’t always guarantee a person a good life, so why should I go all-out for one?”

And I say, “Because you have no other choice, if you want to keep moving up, and be secure.”

quote_id81You say, “But, I know someone who got a degree, but their company closed, now they’re out of work.”

“Expect it,” I say, “and be ready for it.”

Right. This happens frequently in the tech world, and the rest of the world that follows tech, closely behind. Their skill set is no longer the hot button it was, say, ten years ago.

I say, “All the more reason to dedicate yourself to improvement, education, because like a computer, you need constantly updating, and you always will.”

Once a college degree is obtained in one field, it can be built upon, over and over again. Continuing education, both on site, and in distance learning, has evolved tremendously in recent years. So, college itself is also a beginning.

For the truly successful person— and that is what you want to be— education has become a life-long process. A means of personal control.

For those who are committed to as much control as possible, over their own lives, education never really ends.

Take a quick look at the nursing profession, always increasing in salary, always in heavy demand.

Projected Open RN Positions

Even with the growing demand, nursing salaries vary wildly, depending upon the type of nursing license one possesses.

A pediatric clinical nurse might earn only 15K, a critical care nurse 60-70K, an emergency room nurse much more at 90K. But the salary zooms skyward to the CRNA Anesthetist— at 175K!

The CRNA level of knowledge and training brings relatively higher skill sets. Education makes all the difference. Not a surprise that salary climbs just as rapidly.

Here’s why— at the low end, 15K, a degree isn’t required, only certain specialized training. In the middle, 90K, the R.N. has a bachelor’s degree. At the high end, 175K, the CRNA requires a Master’s of Science degree.

The price of that CRNA’s Master’s degree, with all the hard time put on for study, and all the expense involved, is high. Two or three full years of study, on top of a Bachelor’s degree already attained. But the payoff is also high— a lifetime of vastly higher earnings. (Not to mention the main reason for the deepest satisfaction of all— the wonderful ability to give mercy to patients suffering in agony.)

And why is the pay so high?

Because so few people are willing to put in that effort, up front!

How far can you go? All the way home, to a better life, and an evolving knowledge base to carry you on and on into the future. No matter how radically our world keeps changing all around you, here is no reason for you to ever be left behind.

If you want a good life badly enough, you’ll find the career you want, and you’ll learn everything needed to achieve that career.

We’ll help you find the way. But it’s you who has to keep looking ahead, always preparing, always learning.

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