YOU are the Future

Every generation takes control of its own time, of its own place in history. It’s our turn now. Welcome to the future. It belongs to us. We own it.

Welcome to GRAD2B. Here, together, we will explore every aspect of educational potential. We will delve into all the treasures of higher education, it’s institutions, career choices, incomes, lifestyles. With opinions and interviews, with true life examples, and ongoing news, and analysis of emerging trends, GRAD2B will be your own personal guide to knowledge opportunity.

quote_id21Education can be defined as the transfer of civilization, from one generation to the next. The way the world will look, will be, will operate, is in our charge, during our turn at life, during our time on earth. Past generations had their chance, our parents and grandparents in turn. One day our children will have their turn. But now, its up to us. We are here, now, we are the future.

Our world today is unnerved by an earthquake of chances. But this is nothing new. Every generation has its own unique challenges. In times of instability, unexpected changes come at a dizzying speed. And what happens? Those who make the changes are the people who learned how to think. They are the educated people who are able to base their decisions upon knowledge. They have a depth of understanding, through education. And they do what their education showed them how to do.

And for those whose job is gone, whose work has been made obsolete, there is a second chance. Education is that chance. It is never too late to be what you might become!

But, you say, I can’t? That’s not me? Well, how do you know what you are, who you are? Where is your limit? Who made you less than you might make yourself?

No one can learn what they think they already know. Complacency is a trap. If you don’t know, you don’t know. The only way to learn to think, is to learn— and then you may realize what you once did not know.

In grade school, and even in high school, we were pursued by knowledge. Teachers were pressured under heavy state and federal guidelines to educate us. Educators worked hard to try to force you to learn, but only up to a certain very minimal level. That time is over.

Now it is we— we, who must pursue knowledge, if you are to liberate ourselves.

Free yourself from lack of knowledge, for lack of knowledge is lack of choices. You, and only you, can earn the power of choice, by working toward the power of knowledge. Now it’s time to truly make the choices of an adult— you must be your own leader.

To continue to grow, direct your own efforts to free yourself from a very narrow future. Send yourself on a quest for higher education. Get the degree that empowers you to seek a better life, more earnings, more security, higher self-esteem, and a better future for your children and loved ones.

The wonderful truth is this— knowledge is waiting for you, offering itself to you, in hundreds, thousands, of educational institutions. Knowledge awaits you with open arms. Why would you not grab as much as you can hold?

Will you be a follower, with little understanding of the forces that determine your life choices? Or will you take charge and learn? The shape of the coming world is in your hands. Will you have the knowledge to share in its creation? Empower yourself!

So, I salute you— you, the seekers, education-hungry dreamers, who will take charge, step up, and shape productive lives in the new world.

“GRAD2B” is dedicated to your future!

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