Friends in High Places – Moving Up the “Down Ladder”

Friends in High Places – Moving Up the “Down Ladder”

The ladder to job security goes up, and it goes back down. You are either going up that ladder or going down.

Education is the single best bet we can make.--- President Barack Obama

Maybe you are doing fine, a few rungs up the ladder. One day BAM. Your company fires half it’s employees, and there you go… slipping back down the rungs you worked so very hard to climb.

So. You go back out in the job market and find nothing. It’s a nightmare… opening after opening, they don’t want you, because you have no degree.

Or even more disheartening… they don’t need you, because the degree you DO have is no longer relevant to the emerging job markets!

America, the USA… world leader? If so, how many Americans have the competitive advantage of higher education?

Here is a shocking stat… 150 million Americans (Over the age of 18) have no degree at all!

Man with suit on, standing in a bust street, holding up a sign saying Hire Me.

Without a degree, you will be left out of almost half of all employment openings in the next decade. This is a cold hard fact.

And if you DO have a degree that is no longer highly recruited, you’re even more conflicted. Because, with your degree, employers know you have high expectations— so they don’t even want to talk to you, if they consider you over-qualified (for a job you maybe haven’t even educated yourself to fill.)

With no degree, or with an obsolete degree, your best chance is through high education. This is true, even if you have no job, and diminishing savings.

But how can you afford a degree?

If you don’t have the money, you can still get help. Get help from where, you say?

Take a look at all the programs created just for you.

From the President to your local state officials, you have friends in high places!

For information on applying for Federal financial aid, visit the FAFSA Internet site:

A U.S. Department of Education publication describing Federal financial aid programs, called The Student Guide, is available at:

Information on Federal programs is available from: and

Information on State programs is available from your State’s higher education agency. A list of these agencies is available at:

So now you see where money can come. But (you say) you have a family, a part-time job, a full-time job, no extra energy, and no extra time?

I can’t help you with the energy. Maybe you are tired already. It’s a tough sacrifice, to force your own limited energy, to make it work harder for you. You have to take energy away from something else. But if you don’t do it, you’ll always pay, with lower and lower life quality.

Woman sitting at the table with a laptop in front of her.

Believe me, millions of others will climb up that down ladder, somehow. They’ll find the energy somehow. And for the rest of your life, you’ll be competing with them in an increasing tough job market.

But you say, even if I find the energy, there’s only so much time. How do I make the time? I can’t travel to a college or university.

There are ways. If you don’t have the time, adjust your life— create the time through online learning programs.

Do it at home. Make that institution of higher learning come to you.

Use all the full array of GRAD2B resources, right here, Find the online learning program that suits you best.

Earn your first degree. Or re-educate yourself, with a new cutting-edge degree that gives you the competitive edge to keep moving up.

Keep fighting your way up the down ladder. Use your friends in high places, and your own guts, to get there.

Make your climb always upward!

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