Degrees that Earn, 2018

Degrees that Earn, 2018

It’s 2010. The world is becoming a tougher and tougher game to play.


Everyone wonders, “What is coming next? Can it even get worse?”

Economically, nations around the globe are struggling to recover. And people everywhere live in fear of unemployment.

America, like the rest, is crawling out of the Recession of 2007. But, while many other nations are producing more and more college grads, too few Americans are completing college.

A new report from Georgetown University demonstrates the absolute urgency of providing yourself with a degree, to be able to compete for jobs in the coming decade.

It’s no secret that the least educated are hit hardest during economic downturns. That disparity will only become more extreme.

Waiting in line.

Even below the college level, also, lack of credentials hurt job chances. For anyone with less than a high school degree, during the current recession, unemployment rose from 7.4% to 13.3% (February ’08 to March ’09.) At the same time, for those with a high school diplomas, unemployment went from 4.7% to 9%.

The report’s numbers reveal that by 2018, the USA will need 22 million new college grads. This is good news for individuals, because there won’t be enough grads in 2018 to fill those slots.

A projected shortfall, of more than 3 million postsecondary degrees, means opportunity for those who did earn their degrees. The tragedy is for those millions of workers without degrees, who will be much less likely to find a job at all.

The type of degree carries much weight as well. In 2018, an engineering degree will earn more than degrees in liberal arts, education, social and natural science, or education.

The Georgetown stats for 2018 gives critical insights into future employment.

Take a look, and read your future—

Read your future.

Can it get worse?

Of course it can. We all know that.

Equip yourself to compete, before its too late.

Millions of others are investing in their futures. Can you afford tom wait and watch to see what will happen?

Educate, educate, educate!

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